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Anivar Aravind is a Public Interest Technologist and Software Engineer based in Bangalore, India. Anivar's career started with Free Software activism and his passion progressed mostly to building communities and software products understanding technology and human rights. He worked on technology industry and non-profits, ran startups, coordinated successful online campaigns in support of human rights defenders, experimented with grass-root tech, defended threats to software freedom in India, and built rights aware technology collectives. Anivar reanimated Swathanthra MalayalamComputing(SMC), an Indian language technology developer community started in 2002, institutionalized it and part of its Governing Board from 2010. He is an Advisory Board Member of Software Freedom Law Center, India (sflc.in). Anivar current day job is in an eCommerce startup as head of products and engineering, building IoT based offline first technology products for neighbourhood Kirana (Small grocery) shops in emerging markets. He loves hacking free software, building technology infrastructure, researching and developing products, speaking at events and hosting workshops. His core skills are technology and growth strategy, product-focused engineering management, research and development of new ideas, building proof of concepts etc.

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Public interest technologist. Rants on #TechnoPoliTricks. Building Tech collectives, sometimes products

About This Website

I was mostly a conversationalist in the last two decades, from my student days. Most content I have written so far is in mailing lists, messengers (IRC, matrix, telegram, slack and WhatsApp groups), social media and email. In short, I don't have an organized archive of my past interventions and ideas I contributed to various conversations.

After dumping my past blogs with no update for many years, I am restarting this personal website today (12th October 2020) expecting, I can spend some time in writing long overdue, long-forms on about technology and politics, howtos and sometimes videos or podcasts.

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It's under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

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