It has been 4+ years since I blogged. I am not blaming a platform, but interfaces affect writing even if you logged . This new start got triggered by multiple reasons. When I got some time last weekend, I thought about organizing my digital assets to a single VPS. There were many reasons for this decision.

  1. The number of VPS I pay regularly got significantly increased. These accounts have been purchased over years for various reasons and billing needs.  The providers included multiple accounts/instances in Scaleway, Multiple droplets in Digital Ocean, one Linode account and a managed Dreamhost account(My First account). Most were underutilized and for single need alone. I decided to try moving most instances to a single server and reduce the load on it with Cloudflare. I loved Scaleway so far, both from pricing point and on performance aspects. Scaleway's recent price hike triggered the decision for moving to another provider. Result of my search for good performing cheaper alternatives ended in finding Hetzner and Contabo. This website, four more ghost instances and a personal Mastodon now runs from Contabo.
  2. I have many unused domains booked to block them. Renewal charges were getting significantly high ( as high as a yearly cost of $200+ for domain renewals alone). Google's Domain registrar in India is costly and now started charging 18% GST on top of global rates. When I came across Namecheap's Birthday promotion offer on domain transfers, I realized the rates are almost half on .in domains and nearly 20-30% savings are possible on other TLDs like .net and .com. I moved many from various registrars except Cloudflare to Namecheap I heard the offer is running until 15th.
Paintings from my twelve year old nephew. Have a look:
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

WordPress, as a CMS over the last few years, became a bit bulky with the need for spending time in optimizing with external engines/plugins. It is more a publishing platform than writing space. The only thing I used to do in WordPress in the last few years is logging in, updating plugins and patching themes and then logging out. I started using as my primary writing system for clutter-free writing in the browser, especially for work. Now new ghost versions provide an almost similar experience to write free without bothering about look and feel. The newly launched subscription option makes it more as a self-hosting enabled substack replacement.  I am not planning to move existing posts from WordPress and decided to start fresh this time without spending more time on CMS optimization.  Whatever content available on the previous website is archived well in Internet Archive and past blog spots and that content is not very relevant these days.

I want to write more long-forms and build it as a habit. Expecting this can be a good starting point. Expect HowTos for initial starting , and long forms on technology and politics periodically.