Anivar Aravind is a Public Interest Technologist, Software engineering executive, mentor and strategist with an entrepreneurial passion for driving technology products, building ethical and inclusive developer teams and user communities. Anivar’s career started with Free Software activism and his passion progressed mostly to building communities and software products understanding technology and human rights.

In the last 17 years, Anivar worked in senior leadership positions in the Tech Startups, ICT4D consulting for non-profits and government organisations, Board/Advisory/Leadership positions in digital rights organisations and voluntary community leadership positions in Global Free and Open source, internet governance and technology standardization bodies, focusing on digitally under-served markets and communities. These include running startups, coordinating successful online campaigns in support of human rights defenders, experimenting with grass-root tech, defending threats to software freedom in India, and building rights aware responsive technology collectives and thematic networks.

His current interventions are in the intersection of technology design, policy and law from the perspective of Software freedom and human rights.


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